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Completed 50-icon challenge - anime!Haruka/anime!Uranus

Hello! I know I’ve been lurking, but please allow me to remedy that right now.

I recently finished a 50-icon challenge I put up for myself at the The Oracle. This challenge was to icon-ize only anime!Ten'ou Haruka and anime!Sailor Uranus, and those two incarnations alone (which means no Senshi and definitely no Michiru or Sailor Neptune - now how's that for a challenge?).

I'm sorry for some icon variations, I could never decide which versions of an icon I love best. ._.0 Please be warned that some these icons may not be safe for work.


With that said, (here are the results).

I'm STILL not satisfied though, so I just might make this into 100 icons! What do you think? ;P

Resource List (Base Photos only)
This covers only my resources for the bases used for this particular challenge. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if all of these sites are still alive. More than half of my sources are gone, and I'm just lucky that some of the sites below have more or less the same image content. For brushes, textures, fonts and other graphic-making resources, please go to my Graphics-Making Resources post.

Cross-posted to: kaligayahan, sailoruranus, sailormoonfans, sailormoonicons, moonie_icons, animeicons, yuri, yuri_icons, and amateuriconists (for the critique) … I hope I haven’t missed any more comms.
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