storytellergirl (storytellergirl) wrote in sailoruranus,

Silver Memories

Time is endless, the past imperfect. Several eons ago the universe dwelt in an age of peace and love. All was calm, and all was right.

It was the age of the moon, and it seemed to flourish day after day. Nothing could go wrong...until the moon princess fell in love with the prince from earth. After that nothing was the same. Balance vanished from the atmosphere.

Then came the darkness. Peace was shattered and lives were lost. It seemed that good would not prevail...but then came a flash of silver light. When the light vanished so too had the darkness, and the universe was calm again.

But not all was right.

Lives were frozen and sent to earth to be reborn. Time itself had paused, and it seemed that things would never return to their rightful balance once more. One life had been sacrificed for those most important to the universe, and evil had been banished from the skies.

On earth life went on. Every other century saw the reincarnation of the souls belonging to the moon, and in those times the past would reawaken and start anew. Yet then the darkness would reemerge and chaos would return. Each time the light grew stronger, but never strong enough to put a permanent halt to the evil threatening the universe. And each time the light appeared to be waning a silver flash would shine through and set things right again.

Now it is the 21st century and time for the reincarnated to remember their past lives. Time will unfreeze, for lurking nearby is the darkness, returning from their exile. It will be the ultimate battle between good and evil, and this time justice must prevail , or else the universe will forever be lost to the darkness that seeks to consume it.

Five souls are meant to step forward and take their rightful place in history and become heroes for all. But to do so they must embrace their past lives and seek the power within, only then can they win, and only then can they finally end the never ending circle of rebirth.

Will you open your hearts to the Silver Memories that haunt you?
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