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Crystal Palace RPG

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Available Characters:

Sailor Mercury/Mizuno Ami
Sailor Uranus/Tenoh Haruka
Sailor Neptune/Kaioh Michiru
General Zoisite
Sailor Star Maker/ Kou Taiki
Sailor Star Healer/Kou Yaten
Queen Kakyuu
Heion (original character)

Format: GreatestJournal
Name: Crystal Palace RPG
Contact: (I also use that as my AIM screenname)
Website: Main Site, Gameboard
Minimum Age Requirement: 13+
Game Description: We've been playing together over the past five years, and our game is still going strong.  But with the new game comes new characters and we need new players to fill them. On that note, sorry, but we do not accept original characters.

This game is primarily based on the manga version of Sailor Moon, but several anime references were a part of the game in the early days.  A decent knowledge of the manga is nice, but not required.  The mods will be more than willing to help anyone who needs assistance in the particulars.

The Sailor Senshi and the Council have just managed to hold on to the crown after a public uprising. Several months pass in relative peace, but tension still resides within the walls of the Crystal Palace. The rift between the Guardian Soldiers and the Senshi from the Outer planets is deeper than ever before. Lovers grow ever more distant. And personalities clash time and time again with no end in sight.

The two leaders of the quashed revolution have disappeared and are presumed dead. But when creatures from the depths of the underworld begin to show up in around the capital city on the moon as they haven't in centuries, the Council begins to wonder if they had really defeated the evil or if they were just lying in wait. And a disturbance felt within Elysion has everyone on edge and preparing for the worst.

Those who were the strongest against evil are tempted. Old friends arrive to help the Sailor Senshi and bring more problems with them than aid. Friendships will be tested. Relationships will wither or go stronger under the strain. Some will triumph over evil... and others will succumb.

Sometimes the battle between good and evil doesn't take place on any battle field.

Please contact me if you have an quetions about the application process, available characters, etc.  I'm almost always available on-line.

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