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Sailor Moon Monthly Fanfiction Challenge


At about two o'clock in the morning the other day, I was suddenly struck with this idea for a fic challenge community. I had some people say they were interested, so I decided to go ahead and make this community and begin advertising and such.

The basic set up is as follows. Participants in the challenge will write a short drabble/ficlet for every day of the month. Every month will be designed around a different character, pairing, or genre of character (Makoto, Usagi/Mamoru, Villians, etc.). Then, half of the month will have daily themes (Bananas, Heartbreak, Songs, Images, etc). The other half of the month will be left open for you to write about. However, if you need suggestions or prompts, there will be a thread in which you can request more themes for your writing. It is not an obligation to write for every day of the month, all writers who do will recieve a banner, an icon, and be listed in the Hall of Fame.

Both writers and readers are welcome to join the community. Just please do your best to compliment other people's work!

Please check it out!
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